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What if you came home from work early and your husband was wearing your panty hoes?
I came home from work and my husband was asleep on the couch wearing my panty hoes. I am livid. Not only because this creeps me out but these hoes are brand new!

What would you do in my situation?
Ask him why and try not to sound so creeped out cause then he'll open up more
What is it with men and stockings/panty hoes?
I've always heard that men have a thing for women who wear panty hoes, stockings and tights. If this is still true in the 21st century, could someone explain?
don't worry about need to be a guy to understand
Is it weird to wear a romper with panty hoes under?
I have a few super cute rompers that i would love to wear in the spring right now only problem is that its not exactly warm enough or would be appropriate to wear it without panty hoes under right now . So im just wondering if this would be ok to wear? Also the romper is floral (: and the patterns perfect for spring
I think I would have to see it on but it sounds horrible, don`t ruin a cute romper.
Why do people wear panty hoes when they are robbing a convinience store?
it dosent seem to be very effective, a person standing nearby can still see your face, does it like hide your face from a camera?
Well the camera isn't going to get a good view of your face if you have pantyhose covering it. So yeah, it does cover your face good enough.

Robbers usually choose to rob a place late at night when there are no people around, so it's very effective.

Just dont actually go out and do it.
Panty hoes, go with or without them?
O.k. so I am from up north and I am very pall. So I am going to my homecoming dance and my dress doesn't go past my knees. So my question is do I go with panty hoes or without them? Its going to be dark in the dance but I really hate my legs. part of my problem is that I also have open toed shoes so they might look wierd. Any oppinions and help would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don`t wear panty hoes Where Spanx there awesome there sold at nordstrom here is the link… you have to copy and paste it if it doesn`t work if the link doesnt work go to type in the search bar spanx than look for footless pantyhose I have them they make my legs look awesome if it doesnt work message me on email or im here on yahoo
Panty hoes with heels & jeans?
Okay, i'd like to wear skinny jeans with heels but, I MUST wear panty hoes whenever I wear can this be done or is that a fashion NO-NO?? You will definetly see the panty hoes because the skinny jeans will show most of my feet...thanks for the answers! *I will give you points* :)
I think you should wear the hose!

While most fashion "experts" would give it a thumbs down, I wear hose (usually full pantyhose rather than the knee-high hose) with heels and jeans quite often. I think it definitely adds a dressy touch to my outfit!
Is using panty hoes as a condom normal?
in my last relationship with shakira.. who i broke up with because of her 350 lb body and terrible attitude towards intercourse..i was extremely horny and did not have a condom i used panty hoes...i borrowed them from was very enjoyable..but since i broke up with her the next day and ran out of praying she doesnt get pregnant and hunt me down. TELL ME SHES NOT GONNA GET PREGNANT!!!! Panty hoes r safe right?
I don't now if this is a joke or not, but just in case it isn't, GOD NO!!!! Panty hoes aren't waterproof, your pre-*** soaked right through before you even ejaculated. Yes, she could be pregnant and if she is, you should take responsibility for your guy.
Need to find thigh high panty hoes and fashion tape?
I've got a satiny strapless dress and I need some double sided/fashion tape to keep it up. Also it shows underwear lines pretty clearly so I dont want full panty hoes cause then the lines up the back and front of them will show so I need thigh high ones.. so far I've only been able to find knee highs and my dress is just above my knees. I live around Toronto, ON. Would wal-mart sell these...? I've already tried shoppers drug mart and couldn't find either... any one know of anywhere I could find both?
You can try walmart, but La Senza and La Vie en Rose definitely have them. :)
What can i wear with black panty hoes?
what color or kind of dress.

and what kind of shoes

any pictures or websites thankks
Any dark color dress, or even denim skirts.

Probably black shoes...or boots. Here's a pic:…

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